Ah, The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~ with a PV illustrated by Ichika. Lovely~.

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Be sure to take a look at Akuno-P’s most recent PV uploaded to NND and youtube earlier today! It portrays the song previously released in The Muzzle of Nemesis album.

~Admin Forgon

Anonymous sent:

I think I just found out something, almost most of the arc there will be a Katio character, and Katio character has nothing to do with HER right? So is there any explaination about the frequently appearance of Katio's character?

Out-of-universe reason? mothy didn’t own many male Vocaloids at the time and Len wasn’t going to cut it.

In-universe reason? Most of them are related to the Marlon Royal Family. Count Kachess brought blue hair into the family gene pool and remained the dominant trait up til King Kyle abdicated the throne in favor of his half-brother, Arkatoir.

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A small update: Due to improved clarification in the latest light novel, we have made a small correction to our translation for Gloom of Held.

Elluka’s line:

"I’m guilty of making the Magic Kingdom disappear with the Clockwork Secret Art."

has been changed to:

"I’m at fault for the Clockwork Secret Art blowing up the Magic Kingdom."

This should help avoid some confusion. We apologize for any inconvenience!

~Admin Forgon

Anonymous sent:

(@adminforgon)Why u no post funny pictures anymore? q-q

Wow…… Really throwing me into the ‘liane’s den, ain’t ya?


I didn’t even know my poor sense of humor was liked tbh. XD

The simple answer is that it’s a matter of time. Even the image I’m using above has been in reserves for a while. I can have rather lengthy replies to put it mildly as is and I wouldn’t want to take more time out of finding and editing pics when I could be, idk, mining info from the latest light novel at the wiki.

I think Admins Lynn and Tako have more than made up for my lacking in “funny pictures”. ;P

That said, if you guys want to ask us personal questions, contact us at our individual blogs! It’ll give me an excuse to actually use mine.

I’ll be more than happy to answer personal questions while on the go regarding Evillious (especially regarding the new Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep novel).

Remember, this blog is dedicted to the numerous side stories!

~Admin Forgon

Don’t forget (if you haven’t already) to watch mothy’s latest song release, “The Muzzle of Nemesis" (lyrics provided in the previous link). The song has become the first uploaded to mothy’s new youtube account. Please subscribe and show support for his channel! And happy one month anniversary, Muzzle.

On a related note: We are currently in the process of acquiring the newest short story penned by mothy. We’ve had multiple members of our community sign up to PHP’s survey and will await the short story being emailed to our applicants six months from now.

Let’s hope it all works out without a hitch!

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Anonymous sent:

Hi, I wanted to ask you, if I go to Japan, where I could find the manga?

This wouldn’t be my area of expertise, but you might find it at local bookstores or manga shops. Because Evillious is ultimately a niche of a larger niche (Vocaloid), it may depend on the size and location of the store.

PHP hasn’t advertised any sales data either so I can’t confirm whether the manga is likely to have sold out or still be in retail in stores or not.

Most purchases our translators (among others) make is online, to my knowledge, so I’m sorry if we can’t help you any further on this.

~Admin Forgon

kurarakp sent:

-.- I know about the pdf of closure and wiegenlied, but what about the other works? is there none for them? If there is, could you please tell me the link?

Currently, we only have two light novels fully translated (the two you mentioned). The rest are either completely untranslated or in the process of being translated. So we have no pdf’s for those.

If you are talking about the side stories here on this blog, then no, we currently don’t have any pdf’s or something similar for those either, unfortunately.

~Admin Forgon

claire-starsword sent:

Thanks for translating that manga and reminding me of why Clarith and Michaela are my favorites. ^^

Who wouldn’t love these losers?


-Admin Lynn

Clarith’s finally sober enough to speak coherently! (a small error on page 10 has been corrected) We hope you enjoyed this little story!

~Admin Forgon

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