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Thansk for the directory! Between this and the wiki Im set!

Nice! Don’t forget to also follow us at The Lunacy of Duke Venomania for the latest postings on the light novel! ^_^

~Admin Forgon

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Hello! Thank you very much for all the hard work you've put into this blog. I don't think I was part of the Evillious fandom the last time an album was released so I'm not entirely sure how it works- does mothy upload all the new songs to nnd? Or do we have to wait for those who have bought the album to rip it and upload them?

The latter. Most of mothy’s songs are never uploaded. Typically only 1-3 are posted on NND with a PV before or after the release of the album (usually for promotional reasons). Depending on a variety of factors, we can get song rips and lyrics within maybe a month or less.

Album booklets with lots of info tend to be more of an issue and often require us to get the albums ourselves or do some searching.

Thank you for your kind words! When info pops up, you’ll see discussion threads flare up about it and a lot of activity debating it.

~Admin Forgon

mothy’s finished setting up his table for the new album’s release today, August 17, 2014. If able, please support the release for the album (containing the Wrath song of the same name!) and the upcoming light novel!

Big congrats to mothy for taking his time to go to Comic Market 86 and meet with fans! For more info, see the new trailer for the upcoming light novel and the official website.

~Admin Forgon

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who are all of the admins? are T, Lynn, and Forgon the only ones, or...?

Yup, just us three!

Admin Lynn here- I’m the original creator of the blog. I added Admin T to help out here and there, and Admin Forgon was added on when I became really busy with studies. He pretty much took over, lol.

But I plan on holding the reins once again, and trying to work on the Praeludium blog.

Of course, I’m just entering my Senior class of Highschool, so there will be the usual old sporatic schedule I was always on, www. 

But we’ll be working the kinks out!

-Admin Lynn

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Is it possible to preorder the album? If not, do you know where I'll be able to buy it online when it's released? Thanks

You can get it on toranoana here for preorders and orders after release date.

However, toranoana doesn’t have international shipping, so you’ll have to use an agent/middleman.

Also, it might be cheaper if you know someone who’s going to comiket to buy the album, since selling it online would be subject to additional tax (as seen from the extra 400+ JPY as opposed to the comiket price of 1000JPY.)

-Admin T

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I know that you said we should sumbit any question relation to the lastest release song od "The Muzzle of Nemesis" but I just want to ask if you could see the word on the blue scream? The one with black outline of Kayo and other a probaly Michelle black outline, the time maybe aaround 0.26.

The wiki’s already transcribed (to the best of our ability) the PV text.

The font is Stencil and matches up with an oddly condensed “Mother & S”. Based on context, we assume it means “Mother & Sister”.

~Admin Forgon

The Muzzle of Nemesis has been uploaded to NND with a PV. Those with an account, enjoy~.

We ask that you please do not submit any asks relating to this songs to us. It’s brand new and there is a more appropriate venue for finding answers and discussing the facts.

~Admin Forgon

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I saw on th wiki you mention the series reached another milestone?

Yep. As of this time this year, the Deadly Sins of Evil light novel series has sold over 1 million copies.

A similar milestone was confirmed for The Daughter of Evil novel series earlier this year with The Daughter of Evil: Act 1 manga, which had previously been roughly 800,000 copies sold when the Fanbook released in August 2012.

Comparatively, this means mothy’s sold roughly the same amount of copies of Deadly Sins of Evil in roughly two years, while The Daughter of Evil took about 4 years to reach that milestone.

Keep in mind though, The Daughter of Evil’s sales numbers may have increased significantly since that update in February.

Either way, it’s really good to hear this new novel series is doing so well!

~Admin Forgon

With the cover reveal of Deadly Sins of Evil: Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep, we’ve confirmed that pre-ordering will include a newly written short story by mothy. Should we be able to acquire it, we’ll add this story to our translation schedule.

Also, The Muzzle of Nemesis is currently planned to be posted with a PV Friday night (August 8) or Saturday morning (August 9). The previously announced album will be releasing on August 17, 2014.

As a side note, while our progress on Praeludium had suddenly halted over the past few months due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are now starting to get back on track.

We’re still about 60% done with the rough translation and will update you when we’ve made some significant progress.

Enjoy your August, Evillious fans!

~Admin Forgon

For those that haven’t been following Evillious news, mothy’s newest album will be releasing on August 17, 2014, given out at Summer Comic Market 86 for approximately $10.00 USD.

Tentatively translated as “The Muzzle of Nemesis” for now, this new album will contain both the highly anticipated song of Wrath with the same name, among other notable tracks such as Master of the Hellish Yard.

Fans of Evillious that are able to purchase the album at the Japanese convention or online, please support the release!

~Admin Forgon