For those that haven’t been following Evillious news, mothy’s newest album will be releasing on August 17, 2014, given out at Summer Comic Market 86 for approximately $10.00 USD.

Tentatively translated as “The Muzzle of Nemesis” for now, this new album will contain both the highly anticipated song of Wrath with the same name, among other notable tracks such as Master of the Hellish Yard.

Fans of Evillious that are able to purchase the album at the Japanese convention or online, please support the release!

~Admin Forgon

Anonymous sent:

Can I get the link for the Chinese translation and use it to translate to other language?

If you feel up to it, please try. It will also be helpful to own the original Japanese translations, and cross reference those. 

I would very much like to hear the progress of your translations! And please be very careful in the process of translating- Some things end up strange. Names, also, seem to translate oddly(Like Elluka being Al Luca!)

Here is the link to the Chinese translations. Good luck!


-Admin Lynn

As a small update, we’ve made a minor change to the Adventure story in light of some recent information, particularly that Eugen from Wiegenlied of Green is the bandit confronted at the hideout. We now treat the statement as a “bandit” reformed instead of all the “bandits”.

~Admin Forgon

FAQ and Other Details

Like our Lunacy translation blog, we’ve added a FAQ to help newer fans who’ve stumbled upon this blog find their footing. We hope this is helpful to all of you (and free to suggest any common questions to add to our FAQs).

Links to our Directoy and FAQ have also been added to the blog description. We hope this will make both easier to find.

On another note, we’ve received a full translation for The Daughter of Evil: Novelette of White. It is being edited and prepared for typesetting currently. We will hopefully have that ready for posting in August, as well as an updated translation/scans for Retrouver of Silver.

~Admin Forgon

Can I use your translation to translate the light novels/short stories into my/another language?

While we cannot enforce any rule against it, we strongly recommend that you do not use our translations to make your own. Most of our light novel translations are taken from the official Chinese translation.

We would not want you to risk you mistranslating/losing the meaning of the light novels any further by making a translation of a translation of a translation. This also does not account for any potential errors we may have made in our translation.

If you want to translate it for yourself or for a friend, we have no qualms with it. But we ask that you please don’t make your translation available online for a wider audience than that (unless you are translating the original).

Is there any way I can buy the light novels/short stories from Japan and have them shipped to my country?

The safest means to purchase Evillious works is from Amazon and have it shipped internationally through DHL. Japan’s Amazon has an “In English” setting at the top of the website from the main page, which will translate all essential text into the English language. From there, it functions like regular Amazon and only requires you to set up an international address to ship to your country (assuming it can be shipped there by DHL).

Is there anywhere that I can buy these light novels/short stories in my area?

Most Evillious stories are currently available in Japan, China, and other select Asian countries but have not been adapted for any western languages (English, Spanish, French, German, etc.) and are not sold internationally there.

What is The Daughter of Evil?

The Daughter of Evil is the name of the light novel series surrounding the events of Princess Riliane’s tyranny. The characters and events featured in The Daughter of Evil series directly tie into the larger Evillious saga.

The term is also the in-universe nickname for Princess Riliane as coined by the people suffering under her rule, and is also the name of the original song mothy posted way back when.

What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

They are seven demons possessing seven objects, making them “vessels of sin”. Each of these vessels possess great and evil power and the Demons possess individuals in order to spread malice across the world. They are the main focus of the characters and events in all the stories involving Evillious.

What is Evillious?

The Evillious series (better known as the “Evillious Chronicles” by western fans) is a series of songs, light novels, etc. that all take place on the fictional Bolganio continent, primarily it’s western region of Evillious. The individual stories in the series span over 1000 years and are mostly centered on the Seven Deadly Sins.